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 Boomerang Bags

Mount Eliza Neighbourhood House is now part of the Boomerang Bag program.
All bags are lovingly handcrafted by the local community members at sewing bees or from home using donated recycled materials. 

Our tally is now 2160 bags as of June 2019.

Our aim is to eliminate the use of plastic bags, which end up in our marine environment and endanger wildlife, litter our pristine environment and take up space in landfill.  

Your donation goes towards meeting the costs such as machines, thread and labels. 

Boomerang Bags is about making bags, diverting waste, starting conversations, connecting with each other, fostering sustainable behaviour, and having fun! Come along to a sewing session, we need help with sewing, ironing and cutting.
When:                  Tuesdays
Time:                    5.00pm - 9.00pm  
Cost:                     Free